The Message of President

In marine transportation, which is the world trade’s most important element, there are 48.000 vessels over 300 GT sailing on the world’s seas and the age average of these vessels is 24. Statistically, vessels over the age of 15 have a high risk of environmental disasters caused by an accident. It becomes unavoidable to have an enormous amount of steel waste to be recycled, when we consider the age of the marine trade fleet. In the world, there is still a demand for the vessel dismantling capacity of 15 million tons. It would be inevitable that these enormous amounts of steel waste cause tragic results in case of not being recycled in a human and eco-friendly way. As long as new vessels are being built in shipyards, there should be dismantling regions for those vessels which are at the end of their lives. Vessel recycling is a sector which takes a quite important task to prevent possible environmental disasters caused by derelict vessels in the world’s precious bays. The 98 % of the hulks are steel and the 95 % of them consist of recyclable materials. The sector is worth working on commercially, for recycling and on behalf of preventing the usage of natural resources. For the purpose of effective and efficient usage of the natural resources, hulks are dismantled and being processed to get various products. Ship Recycling, which takes an active role in protecting the ecological balance, is also referred as “green industry” as approved by IMO (International Maritime Organization). Ship Recycling, which is approved in the class of very dangerous and intensive labor jobs by ILO (International Labor Organization), has a disadvantage visually because of the nature of the work, dismantling activities. In order to change this image, permanent investments started in the early 2000s, companies organized under the roof of the Ship Recycler’s Association. Because the ship dismantling activities are being done at only one location in our country, the sector is barely known. Our association assures the public to be informed correctly by taking an effective role in displaying the activities. When we take a look at what applications has been done and precautions have been taken since the early 2000s, it is clearly visible to see the change in the ship dismantling industry. We are determined to carry our activities with the principle of considering every precaution and investment in sake of environment and occupational health as a divine goal and with the policy of sharing and being open to the constitutive criticism. Best Regards Kamil ÖNAL Chairman of the Board
Sosyal Medyada Paylaş