Waste Management Training Seminar

Wastes on scrap ships and Waste Management training seminars have started for workers Ship Recycling facilities

Training given by SRA Waste Management director Ersin ÇEVİKER and Hazardous Material specialist Oguz ÇEVİKER,

 The end of traınıng the workers are subjected to written examinations and educational evens are measured. Certificates were awarded to those who succeeded.

 Training content 

  • What is waste ? 
  • Hazardous and non hazardous wastes 
  • Identification of the wastes in scrap vessels 
  • Potencial places which can contain hazmats in scrap vessels 
  • Work health and safety during waste management process in scrap vessels 
  • Temporary waste storage methods 
  • Responsibilities and duties of the key personnel for waste storage 
  • Hazardous wastes disposal and Recycling methods