"Our 2018 target is 1 million tons"

News: Ozgur GUN

“Our 2018 target is 1 million tons.”  In 2017, 800.000 tons of scrap raw material were supplied to the iron and steel industry from ship recycling.

Our goal for 2018 is 1 million tons.
“In Alia─ča Ship Recycling Facilities, all national and international rules are applied with sensitivity, continuous audits are carried out by relevant institutions and organizations and independent observers.

Ship recycling sector is one of the rare sectors in our country with the established Waste Management relevant to the national/international regulations and contracts and with converting their wastes to energy in high rates and reducing the fossil fuel usage/pollution preventing.

With its continuous improvement efforts in the sector and its efforts to be the best with investments, the Turkish Ship Recycling Sector, looks forward to the future with an exertion to serve the country with more employment, value-added and raw material with the support of the institutions which it belongs.

The prompt of the ship dismantling activities are carried out in the 3rd world and the disadvantages countries was ended in 2017 with the efforts for dismantling of 2.5 million tons EU flagged ships in EU countries. The target of the sector in 2018 is 1 million.” says the President of SRA (Ship Recyclers’ Association).