Trainings Continue in Ship Recyclers’ Association

In addition to compulsory trainings given under the Law on Environment No. 2872 and Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331, sector-specific trainings given by the association are continued.

On 03 October 2017;

  1. How to onboard safely for Pilots and preparations before maneuver 
  2. How to use VHF and communication methods
  3. Security measures to be taken in neighborhood for the activities of the ashore stem on
  4. Security measures to be taken in human transport with a basket to scrap ships was carried out on the training seminar.

In the past years ;

  • General hazards and precautions in ship recycling activities
  • The root causes of occupational accidents in our industry
  • Basic Seamanship and Search and Rescue at Sea
  • Stay under the scrap pieces
  • Explosion protection measures
  • Safe operation of lifting tools
  • Environmental awareness
  • Ship Recycling Waste Management
  • Fighting with Bribery and Corruption
  • Violence, harassment and discrimination
  • Asbestos workers training

Training of flammable gases and gas measuring techniques on scrap ships was planned and carried out with the cooperation of Turkish Lloyd.

Especially when looking at the root causes of periodical occupational accidents, it was determined that; the phenomenon called as fate reveals 1%, the large part of the accidents cause by individual malpractices resulting from carelessness and imprudence. It was found that the winner was the result is "Accidents happen with warning" image. For this reason, as The Ship Recycler’s Association, we aimed to remove ‘nothing happens to me', 'we have always been doing this' mentality on these seminars.

It was determined that the training seminars on various topics gave good results as a useful activity in terms of determining the specific hazards and precautions to be taken in the sector and reminding the employees. The visually enriched supportive trainings, which employees follow with great care, will continue with different topics in the forthcoming period.