Although the history of ship recycling in Turkey with some exceptional activities was seen in the early age of the republic, activities worth mentioning started at 1940s and 1950s in İstanbul, Haliç. < Activities which continued until the year 1970, justifiably terminated due to the location of Haliç. At that time, government workers who were searching for a location for the sector, declared the 600 dekar field in between Yaşlı Burnu and Ilıca Burnu as a “Ship Breaking Region” with the CABINET DECREE. SHIP RECYCLING ASSOCIATION OF TURKEY    In 1977, first dismantled vessels in Aliağa Ship Breaking Region were Manisa, Çoruh ships; Batman, Turgut Reis tankers and Ankara cruise ship. Beside these and similar other Turkish flagged vessels, in those days, dismantling of the foreign flagged vessels which were imported based on the scrap importing license of the smelting factories was also started.
Sosyal Medyada Paylaş